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School of Performing Arts

School of Performing Arts programs in music covers classical and music theatre, piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and jazz instruments are internationally recognized.

Performing Arts

With the expansion of information technology, and media it has created a demand for people who have skills in acting, performing at live concerts, comedy and other field related to performing Arts. School of performing arts at Creek Newfield University is designed to polish individuals so that they can take on the challenging roles.

Career Prospects

Creek Newfield University 's core competency is in education that makes graduates the first preferences for recruiters all over the world. Over gradutes are working in top notch organizations in the world.

CNU offers career counseling services to its students with regards to their education, career choices and employemnt opportunites.

Our experts will match your competencies and interests to the requirements of each field of study and recommend majors that are most suited to you.

Creek Newfield University 's Placement and Internships department regularly posts vacancies in top organizations in the world.